Three questions
On the initiative of Saudi Arabia, at the Arab League Summit, it was proposed a peace plan to try to stop the war in Palestine. Is it giving once more a false hope?

ligue arabe True in the past we had so much hope! Today, in the Middle East, every body is paying an enormous price for this never-ending war.
In Israel, people understand that negotiation is needed. For the Palestinians they want the end of the occupation. An occupation that has lasted 40 years! With 10,000 of Palestinians kept as prisoners of war!
Either these two nations, Israeli and Palestinians, will manage to live together or they will be foundering together. The return of the Arab diplomacy is a positive point. This summit of 22 Arab countries demonstrates a will to go forward.
Four years ago, in Iraq, Sadam Hussein was dismissed. Chittes have massively demonstrated against American occupation. What do you think about this anniversary?  
My first thought it is a mess, a huge mess, at human, military, economic, and moral points of views. Iraq is a broken country. What a disaster is this war that should have never happened!
milliers de morts
However Iraq has the second oil reserve of the world after Saudi Arabia! That explains everything.
How not to think about these tens of thousand of dead and wounded people, these two millions of Iraqi refugees in the nearby countries!
Nothing is worst than war.
What do you think about the political campaign for the presidential election?  
élection en France I have appreciated the debates, they were not boring.
I have been sensitive about what was not said, specially the foreign policy of France. For instance are we going to continue helping African dictators who become scandalously rich to the detriment of their people?
What can the candidates do for Darfur, under the threat of genocide?
We are so much centered on our own problems and our immediate needs. ?