Three questions
Summer weather in winter, storms in France, floods in Asia, people think that the weather is going mad. Is Apocalypse coming back? What is the churchman thinking?
The great fears that humanity had to be facing, epidemics, invasions or wars turned out to be beneficial. People had to pull themselves together, to face it, to find solutions for the future. The time for the great fear has not arrived yet. However, it is time to worry.  
nature menacée The global warming is confirming. The sea level is increasing and the Greenland glaciers are melting. Countries are not stabilizing their carbonic gas production, on the contrary they are increasing it. It is becoming worse. Scientists are doing a remarkable job. Public opinion is becoming more aware. However the great changes are slow to come, should we wait for the great fear?
Due to the awakening to the seriousness of the climatic change, the idea of the world like a “common home” has made progress (see Hulot in France, Al Gore in the United States…).
What do you think of the action of the politicians about this problem?
Our “common home” is under the threat of being devastated. We are all embarked on the “Titanic” under the risk to hit an iceberg. Our destinies are linked together.
The Kyoto agreement engaged the developed countries to reduce the green house gas by 5% in 2010 compare to 1990. Politicians make solemn statements in this direction however they never speak about the actions to be taken. Regarding the United States they have not yet signed the Kyoto agreement, consequently there is still more production of carbonic gas.
Politicians are responsible for the future.
pollution climatique
Cardinal Martini just retired at 80 years old (he was the one who said that a condom was” a least evil”). The electing college of the Pope has lost one of its liberal advocates…Do you regret his retirement?  
Cardinal Martini Cardinal Martini is a great figure; a man of open-mindedness, sensitive to modernity and to the diversity of cultures. His claims were prophetic.
I don’t regret that he has retired, he deserved it, it will be a studious retirement in Jerusalem. However, I regret that this man, who was able to give so much to the Church, was never heard. He could have opened up the Church toward modernity, but he was not followed.
Interview from Olivier Galzi