Three questions
Hanging Saddam Hussein was especially shocking; the question of the legacy of the death penalty came back again. Can we hope to see all Nations abolishing one day the death penalty?  
porte noire I dream about it. Will it happen? It will be a festive day for all the human family. It will mean that humanity has gone through a decisive step: a break in the infernal cycle of revenge and punishment. A human being has to keep his dignity. He is more than his crime.
How to be confident in a Justice that orders to kill? The hanging of Saddam has been disapproved by a large part of the international community.
More and more countries are abolishing the death penalty. However there is still a long struggle to go, wherever it is, in China, Iran or the United States.
contre peine de mort
Being accused of having collaborated with the communist regime, the Archbishop of Warsaw suddenly resigned. It caused trouble in the Polish Church, a Church having to cope with its past. How do you react?  
Eglise en Pologne The Polish Church has always been presented to me as an example for its dynamism, its engagement, its courage, its consensus and its great fidelity to Rome. An institution sure of itself. Now this Church is falling from its pedestal and has to face the truth, a truth that will make it free. Before that, it has to take the hard way, a way that will transform it.

The solemn tribute paid to the Just who saved Jews during the German occupation of France has been an event. Do you think that this event has some future?
hommage aux Justes de France Without a doubt, I did not imagine that so many men and women of France had protected, hidden and saved some Jews at risk to their own life. They did it because for them it was normal, by solidarity with human beings.
Like the Head of the State said at the Pantheon: “What we have to see in the face of each human being, it is not his difference but what is universal in him”.
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