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Golden Wedding Anniversary  
The fight of people with no documents  
Confidence in life  
A message to the organizations for peace.  
Golden Wedding Anniversary  
This is a great event for a couple of friends of mine who have gathered family and friends during the middle of summer. Their happiness must be shared. Let us hope for a wonderful celebration!
I was surprised to see so many people, no doubt a greater number than at their marriage, more than 50 years ago. We went from the Town Hall to the church then to a covered part of the schoolyard to take an aperitif. Exceptionally I stayed for the evening meal.
In this gathering where every body is delighted, there are couples who are separated, divorced, remarried. All these situations that are well known to our families and the people we meet.
Today, life is not lived and looked at in its entirety but as part of a serial, each one having its own meaning. One is attentive to the temporary to fulfil oneself as best he can without waiting. We care less for conformity and more for authenticity.
Is not celebrating a golden wedding anniversary going against the current of the modern mentality? I don't think so.
amoureux At least not when I look at these two heroes of the day who I find adorable. Are they not in love with each other? Are they not thoughtful and respectful for one another? Their love has past the test of time. It has become deeper. Love can go a very long way. Do they have a secret? Over the years, they have always talked to one another and have learned to forgive.
After 50 years of marriage, their simple presence is a testimonial. They are a blessing for many.
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The fight of people with no documents  
grève de la faim Among them, 56 were on hunger strike: North Africans, Guineans, and Thais. This was happening in Lille, in the yard of the Labour Exchange. I went to visit them at the request of their support committee. An important moment for me was when I met with them and listened to them. Lying on their sleeping bags under large canvas tents, I found them weak after many weeks of hunger strike.
They have taken this serious decision threatening their health after broken promises made by the Administration. I was asked to enter each tent to sit with them for a picture to be taken. We huddled together. There was light in their eyes. I left them to go demonstrate on the Republic Square, in front of the Administration building.
On my way, a Kabyle approached me: « do you recognize me? In 2003, I was on hunger strike. You had come to visit me. I remember, I had tears in my eyes.. I now have documents and a job. It is my turn to help others. » Hearing these words, I embraced him.
manifestation It is sunny on the square. The Africans are livening things up. Woman and children are dancing at the sound of the drums of the tom-toms and protest songs. Dancing and protest songs are associated to their fight.
A brewing storm broke up. At dawn, the police expelled the people with no documents from the Labour Exchange. They were dispersed in detention centres: Lille, Toulon, Rennes, Bordeaux. Approximately ten of them were hospitalized while others were placed in police custody. But the court released most of the people with no documents in detention. A setback for the Administration. The fight goes on. Repression is daily. The Prefect seems to ignore the strength of the weak.  
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Confidence in life  
As I do every year, I went to a Benedictine Abbey for a few days of silence and prayer. In the cloister, I met a man who visibly wanted to speak to me. An unexpected meeting as it happens so often on our road.
silence et prière
It was his first time at an Abbey for a stay of three days. This young family man, also a company director, felt he needed to be alone and have a rest. How difficult it is in today’s world to feel self-accomplishment, to make one’s way, to grow in humanity! So many things influence each individual left to himself and to his solitude!  
aller à son chemin This man in front of me knew he was fragile. A fragility that opens him up to others. The silence during the meal impressed him. The prayers of the monks touched him. A strange experience indeed to live in such a different way during three days!
This presence of others at the monastery led him to have confidence in life. This confidence in life is an act that no one can make for us, but that opens access to our humanity.
I met it again before his departure:
« I have found a certain peace inside myself, he told me. I am leaving to go on holiday with my wife and my two children. »
I wonder if this man had faith in God. I was happy to see he had found confidence in himself.
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A message to the organizations for peace.  
On the famous square of the St Etienne Cathedral, on this day, the 6th of August, you are always present to keep faithfully the memory of the events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and also in hope that future opens up to peace.
With you, the dove of peace has flown over Vienna.
anti-nucléaire I want to show my solidarity and my admiration for your tenacity in this undertaking.
The tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki remain a wound for humanity. Is it possible to forget the victims of this catastrophe still having repercussions today?
Many voices have risen to call for nuclear disarmament.
It is encouraging to see countries putting forth Energy savings and development of renewable energies programs.
Unfortunately, nuclear power stations are built while it is not yet known what to do with nuclear waist! We continue to sell nuclear submarines and reactors!  
But there is hope because nobody will stop the march for peace. More and more men and women from all countries are working for peace. In Vienna, you are the ambassadors for peace. You do it with your heart to save humanity and the planet’s future.
And for that you deserve our gratitude.