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At the housing estate of Coudray  
Blessing for the remarried divorcees  
International Amnesty  
On a splendid summer morning, I took the subway to go to the suburbs. It was at the time when most passengers go to work. I found a place to sit and was meditating on the Gospel of the day from a book.  
masque All of a sudden, a man who was standing, became very angry, and banged repeatedly on the door of the subway with fists and feet. He was in his thirties. He had a tan complexion. His face was scary. He walked back and forth, and again gave a solid kick on the door. « This cannot be » he repeated in a loud voice. « What a pity it happened to me. I took the wrong way ».
I said to myself: « here is someone that is capable of showing his anger and saying why in front of everyone.
No doubt it was important for him to be on time at his job or for an appointment. The fact remains that he took the wrong way at the junction station.
In the subway train, the passengers remained impassive, thus avoiding that the violence of this man turned abruptly against them. But suddenly, he came close to me and sadly told me: « All the same I was unlucky! ». The passengers were stunned.
Why is it that he came toward me? I stared at him and told him: « it also happens to me to take the wrong way. But it will not take you very long to go back to the junction station. »
The man started to smile and his face became softer. He held out his hand: « I recognize you.»
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At the housing estate of Coudray  
This workers’ housing estate, on the heights of Poissy, has become « forbidden ». No body goes there. The stores stay closed. The inhabitants had moved, leaving the buildings desperately empty. Impression of desolation.  
Poissy Poissy is a wealthy city on the Seine riverbank, where Saint Louis, king of France, was born in the 13th century. Today the Mayor intends to demolish the Coudray estate to build private homes, even a hospital. That is not counting on families who do not intend to leave the Coudray estate and who have formed associations to defend themselves. These families ask for the restoration of these buildings so people can remain to live there. Several of them have been living under large tents for two months.
I like the heights of Poissy where nature is generous. It could be paradise. Sitting under a tree with large branches to protect us from the sun, a press conference was held.
I think about Saint-Louis doing justice under an oak tree. All around, there are buildings with closed shutters. Children play while older students are waiting for their results of their secondary school’s exams. I find it unacceptable for families to be homeless while there are empty buildings. In front of the reporters, two organizers of the association strongly defend the restoration of these buildings. The number of supporters is increasing. Things are beginning to change at the prefectural office. Already, a guarantee is given: the school of Coudray estate will remain open for the next term.  
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Blessing for the remarried divorcees  
After the ceremony at the town hall, family and friends gathered at the house of the newlyweds. All were standing, in a large crowded living room.
The married couple, surrounded by their children, were very determined to receive this blessing. For them it was an event full of meaning. Not only did they speak to explain their situation but especially to say how they wanted to live this new phase of their lives.
Their words had a tone of freedom. It is true that they were at home, in their house and thus felt more at ease than in a church. But above all, I found their words to be full of their human experience. They spoke humbly, with full knowledge of the facts.
We were all there for the success of their marriage.
mariage On a page distributed to everyone, we sang together: « finding your presence in my life ».
The bride and groom gave me their wedding rings for the blessing and then, they gave the rings to one another:
« Accept this wedding ring. May it be a symbol of our love and our fidelity.»
There was a long applause.
Words of peace ended this brief celebration: 
« May peace be in this house.
That it always be with you. »
The celebration continued…
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International Amnesty  
For many years, I have been giving my humble support to Amnesty, supporting their fights and signing their petitions. I am deeply moved by the upsetting statement of a young 12 and a half year old school girl from the Ivory Coast. At war in this country, rape has become a real weapon of war to punish, humiliate or terrorize. . .  
« They knocked on the door and asked me to follow them under duress.
Some were rebels. They were wearing their outfit.
Once in their camp, they attacked me whilst four of them held my hands and feet.
During this time, more than ten men raped me one after the other
The next day, more men came.
I tried to evade them by telling them that I had been raped, maybe I had contracted AIDS and it could be dangerous for them.
They furiously slapped me in the face and the scene of the previous day was repeated.
I suffered so much that I was hardly conscious.
I think they left me in the bush where I stayed on the ground all night.
douleur Now, for me, shame is greater than pain. I feel tarnished forever and I know my family will reject me, that I will not be able to continue my studies and that I will be alone, with nothing to eat, this has happened to another girl student.
I do not dare to go to the health centre. Everywhere, women are raped, the roads are dangerous, I am too afraid.
I only want to die. »