The Parable of the candle
Luke 8, 16-17  
This short parable of Jesus (two verses) follows the one on the seed. Like the destiny of the seed is to produce fruits, the lighted candle is to give light:  
allumé une lampe “Nobody having lit a candle covers it with a vessel or puts it under the bed; but sets it onto a candlestick that they, which enter in, may see the light”
Jesus believes in life. His words are a ferment of humanity.
This parable of the candle is addressed to everybody. It can be understood as an invitation, for each of us, to walk in the light, to conduct one’s own life in an authentic way, in following with fidelity, what Jesus has said. It is a call to live a truthful life, with our self and with the others. “Who loves his brother, stays in the light” 1 John 2,10.
This parable can be applied to many aspects of life, according to ages or circumstances; however, we may wonder in what aspect precisely seniors can be concerned.
multiples situations
Is it not said, too rapidly, that aged people have become dependant, put aside and with no use? And to follow the words of the parable, that their candle is now ”hidden under the vessel and put under the bed”?  
It is a fact that aged people depend more and more upon the others. It is true. However can it be fortunate?
They discover that a relationship is vital. In addition, through a relationship they discover also, and above all, confidence, confidence towards the others, in life and ultimately in God.
We are not tolerant towards the aged persons because they not any more as well as before. It is true. However, time has come for them to show that they are free. Are they not free without limit to welcome the others, to wait full of hope the meeting with God?  
vieillesse If welcomed, old age can be the last positive step in life. It even can become a high point of life.
With its specific luminosity, it is, placed on the candlestick, the candle that illuminates the sunset.