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News of the month: Three questions... to Jacques Gaillot  
Log book  
Open Bible  
News of the month: Three questions... to Jacques Gaillot  
December   Security and control  
January   Merry Christmas  
February   The death penalty  
March   Conscious of climatic change  
April   Anti-Americanism  
May   Peace plan of the Arab League  
June   Nicolas Sarkozy,the new French president  
July   The G8 summit  
August   To refuse expulsion  
September   Repression  
October   Climatic disturbances  
November   Our future depends on solidarity  
December   The power of the street  
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Log book  
December   In Madrid
The tragedy of Beit Hanoun
L’Arche Community
At the Court of Law
January   Signs of solidarity in the street
Conscientious insurrection
Malik Oussekine
Demonstration in Poitiers
February   Christmas under a tent
My visit to Abbé Pierre
Fight and celebrate
At the jail of Fresnes
March   Visit in Montpellier
Abbé Pierre’s Funeral
Against the death penalty
Freedom of speech
April   He was called « Moustache »
Place de la République (Republic square)
Saving the honour and the health of a man
Political prisoners in Tunisia
May   Darfur: conscience awakening
Where is the Catholic Church going?
Threats against Chinese high school students
Palm Sunday
June   Pierre de Locht has departed
A village in Ardèche
Conference at Lisbon
July   National Day Against Homophobia
The baptism of Vladimir
Encourage the priests…
25 years of episcopate
August   Unmasked!
At the housing estate of Coudray
Blessing for the remarried divorcees
International Amnesty
September   Golden Wedding Anniversary
The fight of people with no documents
Confidence in life
A message to the organizations for peace
October   On a Paris-Bamako flight
France gave its word
The fight of people with no documents
November   Couscous at Rachid’s
Expulsion of people with no official documents from a church
In a village in Brittany
A surrealist setting
December   In Bruges
The Kurdish question
The reliquary and the canvas tents
A spiritual force
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Open Bible  
December   Speaking in parables  
January   The parables of the treasure and the pearl  
February   The Parable of the candle  
March   To do Your will  
April   The bread of life  
May   I am the door of the sheep  
June   Zachary “ the day of salvation has come to this house”  
July   The high point of the existence on earth.  
August   The Assumption of Mary.  
September   The Spirit of truth will guide you into all truth  
October   The storm upon the lake  
November   Christ the King  
December   Going to Nineveh